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Wednesday 8 - Thursday 9 May 2024
145 Wanganui Road Shepparton 

Careers Day Out is now in its 25th year and is the largest education, training and employment expo in Northern Victoria, with over 2,500 students & visitors from years 9 - 12.

Our aim is to provide regional students with the opportunity to discover the diverse range of careers, education, pathways and employment available across the region.

This year, the event is doing things a little differently. 

The event will host a range of workshops, demos and talks to provide students with the opportunity to engage and interact with local businesses and trades to see what the workplace is all about.

Interaction and engagement.

Curated “hubs” and areas will be dedicated to certain types of careers and industries. Meaning that Students can really explore the variety of job opportunities available under certain banners and expand their understanding of the workplace.

Young People Session: Information about the slot for youth organisations

Are you a youth organisation supporting young people out of school? (ages up to 24 years old)?
Your group will have access to the event on Thursday 1pm - 3pm only.
Please note these youth / students must be accompanied the someone from the organisation or supervised by the case worker.

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

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